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Welcome to the Homepage of Cumulus on Maemo

Cumulus is a flight navigation program aimed at the soaring community (but not limited to it). It gives you all the features you expect from an on-board flight planning and navigation device of the current generation.

The first generation of Cumulus ran on Zaurus and iPaq hardware with Linux OS under Qtopia or Opie by using Qt class library Release 2.x. With the old hardware platforms obsolete new targets emerged. The main hardware platform today is the Nokia Internet Tablet N800/N810 with Maemo OS2008 by using Qt Release 4.x. The development state is a well advanced and usable beta (most display adaptations to the tablet GUI have been done). Don't bet your life on it, though ...

Cumulus provides a moving map display and all the information you need to easily navigate while requiring a minimum of user interaction. It requires a NMEA compatible GPS receiver (USB serial, Bluetooth or built-in like with the N810) if you want to use it for navigation purposes. Cumulus supports flight tasks and waypoints out of the box; it computes distance and heading to the (next) waypoint, arrival altitude and speed-to-fly (McCready). Goodies are a wind calculator, sunrise and sunset times, support for waypoint and airport databases in a standard format (Welt2000) and much more.

The Cumulus package comes without maps pre-installed; for economic use of resources you can make your specific selection at our Maproom. There you'll find information on the choice of map files that are available for use with Cumulus. We have maps for the entire world!

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Cumulus is a fork of the KFLog project, a program aimed at flight planning and analysis for gliders. Cumulus is ideal as a companion for KFLog.

Cumulus and KFLog functionality does not overlap but is closely related. In fact, the two projects are complementary to each other. First, KFLog can be used to plan out a task to fly. Then you use Cumulus during your flight to help you to accomplish the task using its navigational and flight calculations features. Finally you import the logfiles created with Cumulus from your tablet into KFLog and analyze your days' flight.